FCPXML Document Title Object.
This extension was inspired and uses code based on Pipeline. Thank you Reuel Kim for making something truly awesome, and releasing it as Open Source!

API Overview

  • Constructors - API calls which return an object, typically one that offers API methods
  • new

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Signature, lane, offset, ref, duration, start, role, titleText, textStyleID, newTextStyle, newTextStyleAttributes) -> fcpxmlTitle Object
Creates a new title to be used in a timeline.
  • titleName
  • lane
  • offset
  • ref
  • duration
  • start
  • role
  • titleText
  • textStyleID
  • newTextStyle
  • newTextStyleAttributes
  • A new Title object.
  • newTextStyleAttributes is only used if newTextStyle is set to true.
  • When newTextStyle is set to true, the following atttributes can be used within the newTextStyleAttributes table:
    • font - The font name as string (defaults to "Helvetica").
    • fontSize - The font size a number (defaults to 62).
    • fontFace - The font face as a string (defaults to "Regular").
    • fontColor - The font color as a hs.drawing.color object (defaults to black).
    • strokeColor - The stroke color as a hs.drawing.color object (defaults to nil).
    • strokeWidth - The stroke width as a number (defaults to 2).
    • shadowColor - The stroke color as a hs.drawing.color object (defaults to nil).
    • shadowDistance - The shadow distance as a number (defaults to 5).
    • shadowAngle - The shadow angle as a number (defaults to 315).
    • shadowBlurRadius - The shadow blur radius as a number (defaults to 1).
    • alignment - The text alignment as a string (defaults to "center").
    • xPosition - The x position of the title (defaults to 0).
    • yPosition - The y position of the title (defaults to 0).