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Produce human-readable representations of Lua variables (particularly tables)

This extension is based on inspect.lua by Enrique García Cota

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  • Functions - API calls offered directly by the extension

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Signature hs.inspect.inspect(variable[, options]) -> string
Type Function
Description Gets a human readable version of the supplied Lua variable
  • variable - A lua variable of some kind
  • options - An optional table which can be used to influence the inspector. Valid keys are as follows:
  • depth - A number representing the maximum depth to recurse into `variable`. Below that depth, data will be displayed as `{...}`
  • newline - A string to use for line breaks. Defaults to `\n`
  • indent - A string to use for indentation. Defaults to ` ` (two spaces)
  • process - A function that will be called for each item. It should accept two arguments, `item` (the current item being processed) and `path` (the item's position in the variable being inspected. The function should either return a processed form of the variable, the original variable itself if it requires no processing, or `nil` to remove the item from the inspected output.
  • metatables - If `true`, include (and traverse) metatables
  • A string containing the human readable version of `variable`
  • For convenience, you can call this function as `hs.inspect(variable)`
  • For more information on the options, and some examples, see [the upstream docs](

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