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A pure-LUA implementation of UTF-16 decoding


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Signature cp.utf16.char(bigEndian, ...) -> string
Type Function
Description Receives zero or more integers, converts each one to its corresponding UTF-16 byte sequence and returns a string with the concatenation of all these sequences.
  • `bigEndian` - If `true`, the output will list the 'big' bytes first
  • `...` - The list of UCL codepoint integers to convert.
  • All the codepoints converted to UTF-16, concatonated into a string.


Signature cp.utf16.codepoint(bigEndian, s [, i [, j]]) -> integer...
Type Function
Description Returns the codepoints (as integers) from all characters in s that start between byte position i and j (both included). The default for i is 1 and for j is i. It raises an error if it meets any invalid byte sequence.
  • `bigEndian` - (optional) If set to `true`, the string is encoded in 'big-endian' format.
  • `s` - The string
  • `i` - The starting index. Defaults to `1`.
  • `j` - The ending index. Defaults to `i`.
  • a list of codepoint integers for all characters in the matching range.


Signature, s) -> iterator
Type Function
Description Returns values so that the construction
  • `bigEndian` - If `true`, the provided string is in 'big-endian' encoding.
  • `s` - The string to iterate through.
  • An iterator


Signature cp.utf16.offset (bigEndian, s, n [, i]) -> number
Type Function
Description Returns the position (in bytes) where the encoding of the n-th character of s (counting from position i) starts. A negative n gets characters before position i. The default for i is 1 when n is non-negative and #s + 1 otherwise, so that utf8.offset(s, -n) gets the offset of the n-th character from the end of the string. If the specified character is neither in the subject nor right after its end, the function returns nil.
  • `bigEndian` - If `true`, the encoding is 'big-endian'. Defaults to `false`
  • `s` - The string
  • `n` - The character number to find.
  • `i` - The initial position to start from.
  • The index

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